Vehicle Sign Wraps

We will turn your vehicles into moving billboards and ensure your brand message goes where you go. 

At A1 Signs 4u, we produce high-quality vehicle graphics incorporating your company branding to create memorable, eye-catching imagery. Whether it’s for one vehicle signs or a whole fleet. We offer a combination of leading technology and great design concepts that have a high impact. 

Our aim is to have your vehicle standing out amongst your competitors. Our digitally printed wraps or computer-cut vinyl graphics are widely used on a range of vehicles. That includes cars, trucks, and vans.



  • Customized cut vinyl lettering that comes with roll back stickers for easy application.
  • High-quality signs for the doors and windows of your vehicle.
  • Magnetic signs for temporary use ensuring the body of your vehicle remain undamaged.
  • Perforated vehicle window signs, provide one way vision widows signage which allows the driver to see through the window whilst utilizing it for full-colour signage on rear windows.

High quality car wraps require experience and knowledge in many different fields that include; Design, Material, Production, Preparation, Installation & Post Installation.

We can customise your choice of sign wrap. Simply choose from ½ to ¾ to full size vehicle wraps for your vehicle wrap. 

Vehicle Wrap Design & Installation

1. Design

To design a vehicle wraps starts with a consultation with our client, discussing their individual requirements for their vehicle or fleet signage wrap. Our design team then prepare the design graphics images which may include full colour designs, logos, photo images & text. We produced on a scaled template the design of your specific vehicle. This allows the client to see how the design will look on their vehicle. We can make changes to the design to suit different types of vehicles.

When we create designs every angle, space, the curve of the vehicle must be taken into consideration during the designing stage for the vehicle wrap. Ignoring these elements will result in a car wrap design that is not easy on the eyes nor is easy to read and understand. It will also have a negative effect on your company image.

2. Wrap Materials

Today there are many high- and low-quality vinyl manufacturers out there. Top brand names that have been around for years and offer the best car wrap vinyl include 3MAveryOracal and Arlon.

There is no doubt, just like everything else, with car-wraps you truly get what you pay for. If you care about the quality and longevity of the vehicle wrap, then you want to make sure that the wrap shop is using high-quality vinyl. At A1 Signs 4u we only use high-quality vinyl wrap products & premium quality printer inks.

You also need to keep in mind that simply stating that a 3M vinyl is being used it doesn’t mean that vinyl is the right choice for your project. 3M and all other manufactures offer many different types of vinyl from high-quality, high-cost Cast Vinyl to lower performance, cheaper Calendared Vinyl.

The combination of the vinyl and the overlaminate is also extremely important. Many shops will use a 3M Cast vinyl but will use a cheaper Laminate to reduce the cost. Cast laminates are about three times the cost of the cheaper calendared laminates. Although even a trained eye cannot tell the difference between the two at first. However, as time passes the cheaper calendared laminate will start to fade much faster than a cast laminate. If the wrong laminate is used like a calendared laminate which is not designed to be used on vehicle curves, the outcome will result in the vehicle wrap bubbling and popping out of its position within the first few months.

You can now see materials play a very important role in a vehicle wrap, you can have the best design and the best installer but with the wrong material, your wrap won’t last.

3. Production

Let’s say you have the perfect design and chosen the best-suited material for the job. Now is time to print your design on the vinyl. Unfortunately using a wide format digital printer is not as simple as using your desktop stationery printer that we all use at home or in the office. There is a lot more involved in order to create a sharp and vibrant image when printing a vehicle wrap.

Each manufacturer’s vinyl has its own unique print profile. What is a print profile you may ask? Simply put it’s a code specifically created for the vinyl which tells the printer exactly how much ink to lay on the vinyl in order to get the best results. Some sign print shops don’t bother with this step and tend to use one profile for all media. This results in dull, over or under saturated images that just don’t look right.

4. Preparation of your vehicle

Let’s take this a step further, you have the perfect car wrap design, the best material and a great print. Now it’s time to get your vehicle ready for the installation.

The most important and time-consuming part of wrapping a vehicle is the prep process. This is where the installing team must to go over every inch of your car’s surface as well as under the weather trims, cracks, fenders to make sure they’re 100% clean & wax free.

The car must be washed the day before & has to be dry. Then special solution is used to wipe the car down completely to make sure any polish or car waxy residue has been removed. Then again, using a final alcohol cleaning solution the car must be wiped down to make sure the solution that was used to remove the wax has been removed (otherwise it will adversely affect the adhesive properties of the vinyl wrap).

The smallest dirt left behind could result in the vinyl’s adhesive to fail and after a short time, lift off the surface. A small lift will allow water to get under the wrap and eventually cause the entire wrap to fail.

5. Installing the wrap onto a vehicle

This is the last but not the least important step of a car wrap.

You have your perfect design, great material, superb print quality, your vehicle has been prepped perfectly and the facility is specifically designed for a vehicle wrap.

Everyone seems to think that is easy to install a wrap, after all it is simply a giant sticker…Wrong.  It takes countless hours and a lot of wasted material and money to learn the proper way to install a wrap.

Different materials behave differently and therefore the installer must have extensive experience with various media. A1 Signs 4u team have been trained by Qualified Vinyl Wrap Trainers.

Although the actual installation of the wrap is very difficult, the final trimming of the wrap is even more challenging. You can have the perfectly installed wrap but if the excess material is not trimmed and tucked properly the outcome will look terrible.

Trimming the wrap requires a steady hand, a lot of patience and technique. This is what sets an excellent installer apart from a good installer. Making your vehicles wrap look like a perfect job is what A1 Signs 4u can do for your business vehicles about.

6. Post Installation

Now you might think well we’re done, the wrap has been installed and trimmed perfectly, Post-installation like all steps needs to be performed by a professionally trained installation team. This is the step that is most overlooked by some installers because it is the most time-consuming part of the install.

The installer, now using a Heat-Gun, must go over the areas of the vehicle wrap that is on a recessed or curved area, using a digital thermometer to ensure every inch of these areas reaches a certain degree as required by the manufacturer. (Solid colour wrap needs to reach a 45 to 50 degrees Celsius and printed media must reach 85 to 90 degrees Celsius).

The reason for this is because all wrap vinyl has PVC as part of their ingredients. PVC allows the vinyl to have a memory, so when is overstretched and heated it will go back to its original shape.

That is a great feature, however, once the wrap is installed you do not want the vinyl to go back to its original shape, this means it will shrink and pull back.

The only way to over-ride the PVC memory is to make sure the areas that are stretched or under pressure reach that specific temperature. This will ensure the vinyl will hold its shape.

NOW we are done, well almost done… let’s say all the above factors were met and performed perfectly, what happens if you still have issues with your wrap? Customer back up service is the only thing you can depend on, choosing a reputable vehicle wrap shop becomes the most important part of your decision process.

A1 Signs 4u the professional trained vehicle wrap team who only use high quality vinyl wrap products, we welcome you to discuss your vehicle signage & wrap needs.


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